Puerto Rican singer Jay Wheeler is celebrating his Latin heritage alongside the streaming platforms Apple Music and YouTube, individually.

With Apple Music , Jay Wheeler joins other Latin acts such as Eslabón Armado and Tini, to tell their story as rising Latin musicians.

“I am proud to be Latino, to represent my roots. Celebrate with me this Latino Heritage month. @applemusic”


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On the other side, with Youtube, Jay shared a video.

“I am very excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. I was lucky to be born in Puerto Rico with the rhythm of Latin music in my veins, to create romantic music but with rhythm,” says Wheeler on a. I love my culture! But growing up in the United States has allowed me to expand my horizons, be creative and I decided to release an album in English, it has always been my dream, and to be able to collaborate with American artists; be free, be bilingual, like my fans … Let’s celebrate our heritage and our culture all year long!”

Watch it below: